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Photo Jeroen

Jeroen Sonke – CNRS Research Scientist (CR1). Following his graduate studies in the Netherlands and the USA, he integrated the GET laboratory in Toulouse in 2004. He started working on Hg stable isotope geochemistry in 2005, first as a Marie Curie Fellow, then a as CNRS researcher. He headed the ICPMS mass spectrometry facilities at the Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees from 2009-2013, and since 2010 he is an ERC Starting Grant laureate coordinating an international Hg isotope project with major activities in France, China and the Arctic.


Laurence Maurice – IRD Research Director (DR2),  member of the GET since 2001. She worked for 10 years in cooperation with Universities and Institutions in South America in Bolivia and Brazil on a large project: the Hydrogeochemistry of the Amazon basin, HyBAm, now labeled ORE “Observatoire Régional en Environnement”. She’s now PI of the ANR-CESA "RIMNES" project: “Mercury Isotope Fractionation and Notch/apoptosis biomarkers: new tracers linking Environment and Health”. The RIMNES project’s ambition is to propose innovative geochemical and biological tools at the crossroads between Environment and Health in two contrasted regions impacted by Hg polluting activities, French Guiana and China. She cares about innovative research, advocates scientific research in emerging or developing countries and participates actively in student education.

Photo David

David Point - IRD Research Scientist (CR1) - joined the GET in 2008, after a three year position at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (USA). He is currently based at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz (Bolivia) where he coordinates environment & health studies on the impact of mining at the Alti Plano. He is also co-PI of the ERC MERCURY ISOTOPES project where he supervises Arctic Hg isotope biomonitor studies. His main research interests are the development and application of new analytical tools to the environmental sciences.

Takaaki Itai

Takaaki Itai - Visiting Professor - will stay at the GET from 2014-2016. Taka is assistant Professor at Ehime University, Japan. He works on metal and metalloid biogeochemistry in the environment, such as the speciation of arsenic (by HPLC-ICPMS and XAS) in south east Asia and Africa. At the GET, Taka will study the origin of methylmercury in pacific tuna fish and dolphins.


photo Nicholas

Nicolas Marusczak – PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of Grenoble. Nicolas is an ERC contractual researcher and runs the Pic du Midi Hg speciation, Hg isotopes and associated activities.


Pascale Anabelle Baya - PhD in Environmental Chemistry from the Univeristy of Trent. Anabelle is an IRD post-doctoral researcher and works on methylmercury compound specific isotope analysis.

Martin Jiskra

Martin Jiskra – PhD in Environmental Geochemistry from ETH - Zurich. Martin is a Marie Slodowska-Curie Fellow at GET and studies Hg stable isotopes in arctic soils and snow.

PhD students


Jeremy Masbou – MSc in Environmental Geochemistry from University of Toulouse. He was awarded a MENRT PhD scholarship in 2010 to work on the Hg isotope biogeochemistry of birds in mammals in extreme environments, including the Arctic and Bolivian Alti-Plano. (advisors: D Point & J Sonke)

Photo Maxime

Maxime Enrico – MSc in Environmental Geochemistry from University of Toulouse. He currently is an ERC PhD student working on reconstructions of atmospheric Hg deposition and Hg isotope signatures from peat cores. (advisors: G Le Roux & J Sonke)

Luciana Alanoca – MSc in Environmental Geochemistry from University of Toulouse. She is currently an IRD PhD student at the University of La Paz and University of Toulouse where she works on Hg and Sn speciation in high altitude Alti-Plano lakes. (advisor: D Point)

Affiliated researchers and technical staff

Christelle Lagane – IRD technician at GET where she participates in Hg analysis by AAS, AFS, and GC-ICP-MS, and multiple field campaigns in developing countries.


Laure Laffont – UPS engineer at GET where she participates in diverse analytical developments on trace metal speciation and isotopic analyses.

Philippe Behra – Professor at the INPT and University of Toulouse, PI of the STAE-RTRA MAISOE project where he works on the development of a Hg sensor.

Gael Le Roux – CNRS research scientist at EcoLab, and specialist on the environmental biogeochemistry and ecology of heavy metals. https://sites.google.com/site/gaellerouxpro/home

Benjamin Guinot – CNRS research scientist at the Laboratoire d’Aerologie, and specialist on urban air quality monitoring. He leads a number of projects on the exposure of schoolchildren to atmospheric contaminants in China. More information..

Oleg Pokrovsky – CNRS research director at the Geosciences Environnement Toulouse laboratory. He is a biogeochemist using experimental, synchrotron and stable isotope methods to understand trace metal interactions with microbes. He also runs a large observational network on geochemical weathering of Siberean permafrost.

Valerie Chavagnac – CNRS research scientist, and specialist on high temperature geochemistry, in particular on hydrothermal system at mid-oceanic ridges.

Former PhD’s and post-docs

Laure Laffont – She pioneered Hg stable isotope analysis in human hair biomonitor samples for the purpose of identifying and quantifying inorganic and methylmercury exposure. She is currently a research engineer at the GET laboratory

Poliana Dutra-Maia – Study of Hg transfer in Amazon river floodplains. Currently employed as Professor at the UnB, University of Brasilia, in the team “Monitoring and environmental analysis”.

Photo Lars

Lars-Eric Heimbürger – PhD in Chemical Oceanography. After 4 years as a post-doctoral and ERC contractual researcher at the GET, Lars is now a junior faculty member at the University of Bremen, Germany. www.lars-eric.com

Photo Xuewu

Xuewu Fu – He has been responsible for running Tekran Hg speciation equipment at the Pic du Midi Observatory from 2011-2013, and developed all sampling and desorption methods for GEM Hg stable isotopes. Since February 2013 he is an assistant Professor at the Institute of Geochemistry – Chinese Academy of Science, in Guiyang, China.


Cecile Dufour - PhD in Human Genetics from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, and post-docs in Sydney and Paris. She arrived at GET on October 1st 2012 to work on traditional Amazon diets and methylmercury exposure in Native American populations from French Guyana ( ANR RIMNES project).

Photo Ruoyu

Ruoyu Sun – MSc in Geology from the University of Science & Technology, in Hefei, China. He obtained a CSC PhD scholarship in 2010 to work on the Hg isotopic composition of coal in both geological and environmental contexts (advisor: J Sonke). After graduating in 2013, he is now a post-doctoral researcher at Trent University (Hintelmann lab).


Sylvaine Goix – PhD in Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Toulouse. She worked at GET in 2013-2014 as an ANR post-doc for the French Guiana study of the RIMNES project.

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